About Us

Thank you for your visiting www.goeyeglass.com. We are an e-commerce optical group to help your online shopping for your eye wears. We are based in the US, selling our products online all around the countries. 

We are not the only online eye wear store, however, our brands are very unique and top-rated for their quality and brand awareness. Because we are operating online and offline stores, we have more chances and opportunities to listen to our customers voices, opinions, feedbacks on our products. In terms of qualities, our frames and Rx lens are as good as what you can buy at your local sores, however, we can offer huge promotional prices online only. 

Reliable Products 
A lot of people are concerning about the quality of online eye wears, especially about the Rx lens online. We are a certified and registered optical company, providing the same materials and services as you can be served in your local optical store.

Thank you again for your visiting www.goeyeglass.com .

 If you have any question, feel free to contact us. 

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